Want to Join Manny Sanguillen’s Barbecue?

As I pointed out in my post welcoming readers to the “new” Sangy’s BBQ, avid readers and writers who want to write for the blog should keep their eyes out over the next few days for an opportunity to join Manny Sanguillen’s Barbecue. Well, here we are a week later, and this is your opportunity.

If you want to write for Manny Sanguillen’s Barbecue, you should send me an e-mail (sangysbbq at gmail dot com) with the subject line reading “Writing application.” The body of the e-mail should contain the following information:

Name (first name only is acceptable)

A little bit about yourself

Why you won’t disappear after a month
A writing sample

All I’m looking for is one or two people who can write game and minor league recaps, as well as someone who writes with good grammar. Most importantly, I’m hoping that the person/people whom I choose will not write one or two posts and decide they don’t like it.

Any questions? Feel free to send them in an e-mail.


One comment

  1. brent cox

    I am a historian and from Tennessee. an author of many books, I was a former college professor. my greatest hero is Roberto clemente and I grew up watching him. I love baseball and it is my greatest passion.

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