The “Sangy Factor”

Idea & name come from blogger Patrick Reddick, @pmreddick on Twitter.

Spreadsheet of every player in the MLB and their Sangy Factor (filter to >500 PA for accuracy): sangy_factor (Must have Excel, Open Office, or any other spreadsheet program to open)

Basically, the Sangy Factor came about as an alternative to OPS, except weighted.  Despite already having wOBA, weighted on base average, it’s semi-flawed because it does not count intentional walks and values HBP higher than non-intentional walks.  I thought, “Well, there could certainly be a better way to calculate this.”  So my experiment began.

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 My first equation was:




That brought it down to a better idea that popped in my head immediately after the original idea.




But why am I dividing by a thousand?  It would be better to divide by at bats, right?




 But, because I am also using non-hit bases, I have to use plate appearances.




 Then I decided to hijack the wOBA equation and slightly modify it.  The wOBA equation is (0.72xNIBB + 0.75xHBP + 0.90x1B + 0.92xRBOE + 1.24x2B + 1.56x3B + 1.95xHR) / PA, as defined by the good people at Inside the Book.  This is my modification:




 After deliberation, I decided that SNG #4 is the best “Sangy Factor” of all.  It is the one above the wOBA equation.

Possible names:


Sangy Factor


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