2011 Review: Jerry Meals Screwjob

The 0-2, swung on, ground ball to third.  Alvarez has it, he comes to the plate!  And Lugo… SAFE!  HE CALLED HIM SAFE!  MCKENRY TAGGED HIM AND HE CALLED HIM SAFE!  And here comes Clint Hurdle to argue, and boy oh boy is he going to give it to Jerry Meals.  I cannot believe Jerry Meals called him safe.  That’s a replay I gotta see to believe it.  It looked like the ball beat him easy, it looked like the tag was down, I do not get it.

What is up with home plate umpires whenever we go to to Atlanta for a semi-important game?  They always end up blowing an important call at the end.  While I’m at it, what is up with our manager having no ****ing clue how to manage his bullpen whenever we go to Atlanta?

On October 14, 1992, I was just a twinkle in my father’s eye, nor a blush on my mother’s cheek, but that loss would inflict pain on an entire generation.  Not only did it stop the 1992 playoff run, it has been the proverbial fat lady singing at the end of the play that was the Pirates’ playoff appearances for at least  19 years.

This past season, the Pirates looked as if they had a chance at ending the then-18 year streak of not making it over .500.   Coming into the July 26th game vs the Braves, the Buccos were 1 game out of first place with a 53-48 record.  On Monday they had beat the Braves 3-1 on ESPN, their first time being a game on ESPN since May of 2002.  James McDonald got his 7th win of the season, Joel Hanrahan notched his 29th save of the season.  Going into the game, there would be no hint that it would go 6 hours and 39 minutes, nor that there would be almost 600 pitches thrown by 15 different pitchers.  6 million Tweets would be sent out over the course of the game.

It was a typical Pirates game through a few innings, despite Mike McKenry hitting a homer.  Few hits, fewer runs.  I logged onto a Pittsburgh Pirates livechat at http://raisethejollyroger.com at 8:03 PM.

Some highlights of the chat:


10:23 Comment From Bob Walks Cocktail
Hey gang. Made it for extras.


11:26 Dan B:
this is going 20 gentlemen, get your 5 hour energy out


1:35 pmreddick:
Buster Olney tweets: Fan of the Year: This little girl (about 8 or 9) screaming with every pitch, for the Pirates. Can hear her clearly on the Braves’ broadcast.


1:40 GooseDennis:
now pitching for the Pirates: Garrett Jones


1:44 GooseDennis:
that’s gonna fall

1:44 pmreddick:
Good lord cup man

1:45 pmreddick:
Put another fuking pitcher in!

1:46 Clutch:
Need relief pitcher

1:46 GooseDennis:
everyone do the tomahawk in their living room

1:46 pmreddick:

1:46 GooseDennis:


schafer dp

warm up SOMEONE

1:51 pmreddick:

1:51 Brian:

1:51 Eric:

1:51 Clutch:


1:52 Micah:
ump just wanted the game over

1:52 Micah:
that’s COMPLETELY inexcusable

1:52 Micah:
MLB needs to pull him off the crew for that

1:53 pmreddick:
Fort might sit in that dugout until tomorrow’s game starts

1:53 pmreddick:
Hurdle was out there fast

1:54 BuccoMike:
he was out by 3 feet

worse than Jim Joyce

1:55 BuccoMike:
pirates players were ready to fight the ump

1:55 BuccoMike:
several of them had to be held back

wouldnt’ have gotten a suspension

1:55 pmreddick:
I thought Greg Brown was going to come through my TV.


I was so livid after the fact that I nearly woke my entire neighborhood up with my screams.

The call has become folklore for Pirates fans.  A notable Penguins blogger came up with the hashtag #JerryMealsSaysItsSafe.  Look at how many times it has been used recently, and that is 5+ months after the call.

Ten-Four, over and out


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