Electric Stuff

Charlie Morton takes on Roy Halladay in the series premier vs. the Phillies. What happened last time we played Philadelphia?

Honestly, the entire time during that interview I was expecting him to say “Beisbol been berry berry good to me!”

Anyways, you can see the hit here.

Here are my players to watch out for:

Pirates – Andrew McCutchen – He’s been in a slump because he realized that everyone is spelling his name wrong. Here’s a lesson for you:

It’s spelled MCCUTCHEN.

Phillies – Pitching – I can’t even just say one pitcher’s name because we’re facing Halladay, Lee then Worley, who combine for a record of 28-11. If you’re going to have success against this deep rotation, you’re going to have to score a lot of runs to get them out of it early, which you really can’t.

-Pirates.com has video of Sid Bream’s slide apparently.

-I still think he was out

-Surprisingly, the 92 Pirates are rooting for the ’11 Pirates.

-Morton isn’t trying to be Roy Halladay.

-Overbay could “force the Pirates’ hand

I’ll post lineups when I see them


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