Buy, Sell or Hold?

Will the Pirates be buyers, sellers, or will they hold at the trade deadline this year?

With a work week left until the trading deadline, the rumors are flying like crazy. Some people believe that the Pirates should be buyers, while others believe that buying would be a huge mistake, though they shouldn’t exactly be sellers. GM Neal Huntington has gone on record saying that the asking prices are too high on some of the players the Bucs have asked about, most likely because NH isn’t experienced as a buyer. Today, Joel Sherman tweeted that the Pirates are interested in BJ Upton. Frankly, this move, if Huntington makes it, doesn’t make much sense unless we give up a lower-level minor league player without much upside. He is a career .256/.341/.411 slash-line hitter, while hitting an average of 17 home runs a year but with just 72 RBI. His UZR/150 is minus-1.2. He sort of reminds me of a Garrett Jones, except a bit more powerful and younger.

There have also been rumors about Rockies catcher Chris Iannetta. Ianetta is hitting just .232 this year, but has an on base percentage (or OBP/OBA) of .377! I think that he would be a good addition to the team right now, but with Doumit coming back that seems doubtful.

Frankly, I would be up for a minor trade for a bench player a la Jason Giambi or a Ryan Church-type trade. If we do end up making a blockbuster, I would be fine with a Hunter Pence deal.

I think, though, it would be great to not make any deals, especially with Doumit, Snyder, Tabata (hopefully) and Alvarez coming back, and hopefully John Bowker coming up because he is absolutely raking in AAA Indy this year, hitting a .300/.350/.495 slash line with 12 dingers and 55 RBI in 277 at bats.


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